This roo sees a future of limitless possibility

August 10, 2009

land of opporoonity

Staring out into the distance, this roo can taste the adventures that life has in store.  He sees not the obstacles in his path, the elements that would restrain his success, the impediments that would thwart his dreams.  Nay, he sees only the endless opportunity, the infinite potential!  Nothing can stop him!  He’s going to achieve his goals!  He will take the world by storm!  He will take the world by a storm of hippity hops!


TGIFrooday Video: Featuring a Wallaroo!

August 7, 2009

That’s right, wallaroo… you show that dingo what’s what!

This little guy looks how Thursdays make me feel

August 6, 2009

a shlumpy roo to iroominate my despair

Tuesday’s roo was too tuckangarooed out to make it on time; Wednesday’s Wallaby is sitting on his own taillaby

August 5, 2009

roo of a kind

Whilst on vacation, I received this photo in the mail:

August 3, 2009


I’m back.  Repeat: I’m back.  There is no need for further kanga carnage.

In honor of Amelia Earhart:

July 24, 2009

Kappy, the flying kangaroo.

Thursday’s the new Frooday

July 23, 2009

is that all roo've got? (slap)... is that all roo've got? (slap)... is that... all... you've got?But a h(k)angover hurts any day of the week.